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Sinomaterial Rising Technology Co., Ltd (SRT) is dedicated in the R&D, production, sales of thin film products material, including various pure metal sputtering targets, alloy sputtering target and full serials of evaporation materials. SRT materials has occupied the leading position both in technologies and market.

In the chemicals, SRT own its fine chemicals facilities and have developed high purity electronic chemicals that have been widely used in electronic and solar system. At the same time, SRT Central Laboratory can provide customized services for more than 100 kinds of organic and inorganic chemicals, including main content, impurities, morphology and so on.

SRT Vision
To make the world better with better products.
To make customers' satisfaction with better quality.
To make life happier with more efforts.

SRT Philosophy
Honest, Reliable, Honorable

SRT Focus
1. Products: to make SRT materials perform 5% better than competitors.
2. Quality: to make sure all delivery materials 100% qualified.
3. Delivery: Timely or even faster, to keep delivery 5 days shorter than industry average.

SRT Culture
Keep innovation, Keep improvement


Contact: Sales Dept.

Phone: (86) 186 0101 9114 (ER only)

Tel: (86) 10-52868200/01/02/03

Email: sales@sinomaterial.com

Add: 5-301, Lincui West Road, Chaoyang, Beijing China